Dedicate to Life's Sweet Pleasures

Doing What We Love

Creating Sweet Stories for a Better World

At Conditus, we create top quality desserts to brighten your everyday and make life’s special occasions all the more memorable. Our creative touch is drawn from a rich culinary tradition and the use of only natural ingredients to create a truly unique experience of select wholesome flavours. We are uncompromising in providing the highest level of quality and freshness and employ a homemade production, where traditional and modern confectionery is carefully shaped by our hearts and hands to please even the most discriminating sweet tooth.

The Three Secrets to Our

Sweet Success


Quality in the First Place

Our desserts are baked using traditional methods and only top quality natural ingredients.


Every Day Freshness

We bake fresh every day to guarantee pure wholesome fresh taste.


A Hand-Held Tradition

All of our desserts are made by hand, drawing upon years of experience that really comes from the heart.

Blended Harmony

A Blend of Flavours

Our selection of baked goods is designed to satisfy every palette so you can learn about and savour the flavours of Slovenia’s rich culinary tradition, no matter what your taste. Our most popular and best loved treats are complemented by new ideas that open doors to a world of imagination and the sweet expectation of fresh, new taste.

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Team spirit

A Passion for our Work

A collaborative team spirit is the very foundation of our creative endeavours. Our professionally trained, well experienced, dedicated confectioners conjure up sweet treats in the relaxed atmosphere of our confectionery. Our Bled Cream Cake is made following the original recipe and using only premium natural ingredients that are continuously monitored for top quality and freshness.

With a great team and a strong team spirit, we build on open and sincere relationships that reflect in the way of work and thinking of all employees at Conditus.

Sweet Praise
Doing What We LoveA variety of flavourOur staff is our greatest strengthNurturing Strong RelationshipsMade With LoveBest ingredients and best colleaguesCrowning the Dessert QueenEarly hour is happy hourIt's the positive energy that makes is greatLoving your jobPositive energy fills up the dayConditus Cream Cakes are specialFor healthy sweeteningThe way to the heart is through the stomachThe sweet world of ConditusA kind word and positive attitudeAn exceptionally sweet team
Our cooperative team spirit is the foundation of our work and creativity. All of our desserts are made by professional, experienced and dedicated confectioners in the relaxed atmosphere of our confectionery. The Bled Cream Cake is made using the original recipe and only the best natural ingredients, which we monitor continuously to ensure the highest level of quality and freshness. With a strong team and a strong team spirit, we build on sincere and open relationships that are expressed in the work and mentality of all those employed at Conditus.
Doing What We Love
Ema Pogacar, Director
The sweet selection of our desserts satisfies every palette eager to learn about and enjoy the traditional flavours of Slovenia's rich culinary heritage. Our offer of the best loved and most popular desserts is complemented by fresh, new ideas that open doors to a world of imagination and the sweet expectation of new tastes.
A variety of flavour
Betka Vahtar, Head of Confectionery
The real wealth of our company lies in our staff. The motto 'where there's a will, there's a way' really holds true for us. We want to provide only the best quality desserts. And we work hard to build relationships that are based on openness and mutual respect among our staff and business partners.
Our staff is our greatest strength
Ema Pogačar, Director
I swear upon the strong working relations among our staff, our attention to detail and the conscientious and honest business practice that defines who we are today.
Nurturing Strong Relationships
Sergeja Oman, Assistant to the Director
Desserts made with love have a really special taste. And this holds true for the goodies that come out of our confectionery.
Made With Love
Betka Vahtar, Head of Confectionery
The delicious Bled Cream Cake can only be made where the best ingredients exchange hands with the best people!
Best ingredients and best colleagues
Danica Toman, Shift Leader
We're born with a love of sweets and then afford great recipes with only the best ingredients and a pinch of good attitude. And that's how we put the crown on the Bled Cream Cake, Slovenia's Dessert Queen, each and every day.
Crowning the Dessert Queen
Minka Korošec, Confectioner
Dedicating your life to confectionery means coming to work with a smile on your face… even at three am!
Early hour is happy hour
Marina Babić, Confectionery Assistant
To make the best confectionery, it isn't enough to have just the best ingredients. The Conditus strudel is as good as it is because we prepare it with a good amount of positive energy. We want to make you as happy with it as your grandmother once did.
It's the positive energy that makes is great
Janka Kleindinst, Head of the Supplementary Program
I never imagined work could feel this way. We have a good time while we work...
Loving your job
Renata Kozole, Confectioner
I wake up early every morning to get the cream done and I'm delighted with the customers we have. My colleagues and I have a great time together, we work with a lot of positive energy.
Positive energy fills up the day
Urša Podgornik, Confectioner
We add bits of ourselves to the Conditus Cream Cakes we make. And that's what makes them so special. The pleasure of knowing that someone will really enjoy the results of your work is hard to describe with words.
Conditus Cream Cakes are special
Karin Brežan, Confectioner
At Conditus, we are committed each day - with the same eagerness and sense of responsibility - to make sweet desserts a healthy and unforgettable experience.
For healthy sweetening
Rok Dolžan, Sales Manager
The way to the heart is through the stomach - especially for those of us with a sweet tooth!
The way to the heart is through the stomach
Miro Hrovat, Driver - Sales Representative
I love my work and my great colleagues. Conditus really is a sweet world. For me, too!
The sweet world of Conditus
Alen Redžić, Maintenance
Conditus values everyone's work and contribution. This is probably why there's so much mutual respect among our staff. A kind word and a positive attitude really do move mountains!
A kind word and positive attitude
Zvonka Rustja, Facilities
Conditus takes pride in quality products and a remarkable team of staff. I feel very lucky for the opportunity to do Sales in this company.
An exceptionally sweet team
Andrej Klinar, Sales