Our Desserts

To Sweeten Your World

Desserts With Character

Conditus desserts are never ‘everyday’ but they always enrich the flavour of everyday life. Our desserts have a special character that’s shaped by our hands – with great care. All of our baked goodies are made with the aim of creating top quality desserts inspired by tradition. We use original recipes handed down from generation to generation so that our desserts are a living heritage that let us put a smile on your face to this day. Because the feeling of uncovering the secrets of this savoury sweet world – spoonful by spoonful – is truly unforgettable.

Unique and Always Fresh

The Original Bled Dessert

Bled Cream Cake

The Queen of Desserts
Loves to Celebrate With You
The original Bled Cream Cake has been a symbol of Bled culinary heritage for over half a century. At Conditus, we carefully follow the original recipe to prepare it for you to this day. Traditional methods, natural ingredients and always fresh preparation give this light cream dessert a magical touch to please even the most discriminating sweet tooth. It’s simply impossible to resist.

Bled Condi with Chocolate

Chocolate Passion
For Chocolate Lovers
In response to your wishes, we’ve created an exciting new taste to satisfy Chocolate Lovers. Condi – a delectable cream slice with all the great qualities of the Cream Cake plus Chocolate. Condi is made using a tried and tested traditional recipe and natural ingredients. Added chocolate gives the soft cream dessert a unique taste Chocolate Lovers will adore. This treat is especially popular with our youngest fans!

Bringing Back Sweet Memories

Grandma’s Strudel

Apple Strudel

Nostalgic Pleasure
Bringing Back Sweet Memories
Strudel, like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used to make, brings back memories of a culinary heritage we are proud to continue today. Grandma’s Apple Strudel will spoil you with its fresh delicate crust, juicy grated apples, distinct cinnamon aroma and a spoonful of love that gives the strudel its unmistakable homemade taste.

Cottage Cheese Strudel

Straight from the Milky Way
To Sweeten Your World
Dairy lovers will find it hard to resist this mouth-watering homemade Cottage Cheese Strudel, prepared by hand, using only quality natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. Pamper yourself with the full dairy flavour of fresh cottage cheese wrapped in a delicate flaky dough that provides just the right measure of crispiness.

Preserving a Sweet Tradition

Simply Divine
From our Culinary Treasury
The Gibanica is a Slovenian culinary speciality that delights and surprises with an incredibly wide range of tastes and aromas that culminate in a rich harmony of succulence, tenderness and wholesome great taste. Traditional ingredients and our homemade method of preparation create a unique appearance to each slice – to which we’ve added just a pinch of modern touch.

Simply Sweet

Homemade Cream Cone
A Select Taste
To Sweeten Your World
The much loved Cream cones have also found a place in our world of baking and creativity. A simple dessert that really knows how to wrap a sweet tooth around its little finger, the Cream cone offers a wonderfully fresh dessert experience. And we’ll fill the flaky wrap with your own choice of flavour so you can let your imagination wander.